Curacao International BlueSeas Festival 2015

Taxi reservation with Special event discount of over 40% on each ride!

This year you can go to the BluesSeas Festival with style. No hassle with overheated cars in an endless traffic jam trying to reach downtown. Order a shared taxi with family or friends for a very special event rate. No worries about a safe parking place for your car because it is safe, at home!
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Our cabs are around the corner, we’ll even help you find them.

DCTA has made the 99 taxis app available throughout the caribbean, for passengers and drivers pleasure. The app helps passengers find the nearest available taxi with only two taps, finding a taxi has never been this easy!

Best of all, our rides are provided by qualified and fully certified taxi drivers whom all charge a flat-rate so you’ll know what your ride is going to cost you before you even get in.

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Enjoy a 40% discount on your taxi fares with the Taxi Discount Card.

Did you know you could get a 40% discount on your DCTA Taxi rides? Thats exactly what the official DCTA Taxi Card gets you! Once your the owner of a DCTA Taxi Card you’ll only need to hand it over to your taxi driver and he’ll deduct your grand total bij 40%. Its that easy! So, what are you waiting for?

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The proof is in the data.

Of total tourists choose DCTA

From all our provided rides, only 12% of our customers had to contact customer support. Thanks to our wonderful support team, these cases were resolved within 2 business days, and 11% of these customers used our services again the very same week. We take customer care very highly and always try to get issues resolved as quickly as possible.

DCTA was incorporated as a association in April 2008. Our main purpose is as a branche, on all islands of the Caribbean area, for both taxis and (tour)bus drivers as well as their different associations, safeguard the interests in the most wide sense of the word and by means of innovative projects to always ensure better, more efficient and affordable transport.

Our philosophy

We are aiming to make travel accessible to everyone and at the same time make it an enjoyable process for both the driver and passenger. Our goal is to help both drivers and passengers experience a relaxed commute and we’ll always work hard to achieve this.


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